Vokal Idiot - S/T

Vokal Idiot is the most experimental and improvisational output emerging from a loose collective, whose members are involved in various projects of the contemporary, underground Greek music scene. Tasos Stamou, Spiros Emmanouilidis and Haris Koutsokostas are behind Vokal Idiot.

Tasos Stamou has released “Infant” (absurd records, 2007), an album full of bizarre toyful electronica. “Infant” has been presented in several gigs, where Tasos performs mostly with retro machines and old toys. Spiros Emmanouilidis, as a member of Good Luck Mr. Gorsky, has released a split self-titled album with Eventless Plot (granny records, 2008). Tasos, Spiros and Haris were also involved in the pop-oriented project Betty’s Bath.

In a few sessions during 2006, the three Vokal Idiot improvised and recorded at home. These raw recordings were captured in every means available (from a loop station to vhs-tapes). Although lo-fi, this production captivates the inspired mood of these sessions.

Τhe current Vokal Idiot release is a representative 12-piece extract of these 2006 sessions. Such a raw and improvisational material couldn’t be regarded under a song-format base. That’s why there are no song titles.

“Vokal Idiot” CD is the first full length release of gracetone recordings.