Mescalinaeden-October / Eventless Plot - Artificial embrace

Mescalinaeden is Luca Robba, an Italian (London based) multi instrumentalist composer who produces electro-acoustic music.
He started to play drums at the age of 10 and after 12 years of playing with many rock bands in Italy, he decided to move to London. There, he joined the post-rock band Ripe, collaborating with The Strokes’ producer Gordon Raphael. In 2000 he bought a 4 track tape recorder, which initiated a long period of experimentation with noises and sounds. Two years later he went to collaborate with Greek experimentalist musician Anastasis Efentakis and bought his first computer. Since then he has been making music consisting of noises, various instruments and ambient sounds. At present Mescalinaeden is doing gigs in London and his career as a drummer continues with the indie rock band One More Kiss. His first release was the track Gnosso, included in the Mercury Scales compilation, that came out on August 25, 2005 under the label Boltfish. His second release is the track October, featured in Gracetone Recordings’ split 7” single. In June 2005, Mescalinaeden presented a sound installation piece for Patti Smith's Meltdown Festival in London.
October has been recorded entirely on a 4 track tape analogue recorder and the computer has been only used for the mastering process. October represents in the best way Mescalinaeden’s psycho approach in modern minimalism through it’s addictive spiral loop and subterranean rhythm.

Eventless Plot is a new four member group from Thesssaloniki, Greece. Their music balances between melody and experimentation and has found its ideal application in audiovisual installations, such as “pic nic” (May 2005), presented in “white cube black box” exhibiton and “Regina Rosas Amat” (September 2005), presented in “Action field Kodra 2005”.
Their live shows are few and selective. One of those took place in January 2005, supporting Giardini Di Miro.
The track Artificial Embrace in Gracetone Recordings’ split 7” single is their first release.

Artificial embrace evolves slowly through a unique sonic warmth and leads in a dreamy tension. This is post electronica at its best.